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Our grade specific materials are complete worksheets and lesson series. See the complete lists of skills covered below for this grade level. Answer keys included!

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Each skill is thoroughly covered in a 6-step lesson series:

Step 1 - Meet the Skill

Students are introduced to the skills through a basic walk through lesson.

See A Preschool Example of Meet the Skill

Step 2 - Try the Skill

Students are walked through a problem with a basic lesson. Students are then asked to replicate the skill twice.

See A Preschool Example of Try the Skill

Step 3 - Practice the Skill

Students work independently and develop their skills.

See A Preschool Example of Practice the Skill

Step 4 - Practice the Skill Twice

Students work independently with problems that are varied slightly from the original skill.

See A Preschool Example of Practice the Skill Twice

Step 5 - Show the Skill

Students are assessed with an 8 question quiz.

See A Preschool Example of Show the Skill

Step 6 - Skill Warm Up (Do Now)

This is a 3 question worksheet that can be used to remind students of a skill. Many educators will refer to this as a "Do Now".

See A Preschool Example of Practice the Skill Warm Up


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A Complete List Of All PreSchool and Pre-Kindergarten Worksheet and Lesson Series.
Each Worksheet and Lesson series varies in size from 8 to 11 printable pages.

Our Preschool / Pre-K math curriculum works on the following skills.

  1. 1 To 10 Dot to Dot
  2. 1-2-3 Patterns
  3. 6 To 10 Numbers
  4. Above And Below
  5. Color 10
  6. Color Match
  7. Compare 2 Objects
  8. Counting and Matching
  9. Counting Money (Pennies)
  10. Days of the Week
  11. Draw and Count
  12. File Folders
  13. Find the Biggest
  14. Front And Behind
  15. How Tall Is It?
  16. Identifying Geometric Shapes
  17. Inside, Outside And Between
  18. Less Than
  19. Long and Short
  20. Match Shapes To Objects
  21. Make Them the Same
  22. Match Me
  23. Matching Pairs
  24. More or Less?
  25. Numbers From 1 to 5
  26. Numbers to Objects Counting
  27. One to Many
  28. One to One
  29. Pattern Analysis
  30. Patterns With Simple Color
  31. Plus 1
  32. Same or Different
  33. Same Size
  34. Shape Recognition
  35. Single Sort and Classification
  36. Starting To Count
  37. Starting To Subtract
  38. The Concept Of Half Using
  39. Tally Marks
  40. Which Is The Smallest?
  41. Write Number 1 to 9
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