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  Civil Rights

    Reading Passages
    Variety of formats
    Standards based

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    Standards based
    Excellent resources
    Vocabulary focused

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    World Changers

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  Native Americans

    Standards based
    Great visuals
    Student focused

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  World Geography

    All Continents and Oceans
    All Major Regions
    Complete Series

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  Famous Explorers

    Standards based
    Reading Passages
    Complete Questioning

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  U.S. Constitution

    Bill of Rights
    Balance of Powers

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  Influential Leaders

    History makers
    Reading Activities
    Critical Thinking

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  Countries / Continents

    Critical Issues
    Reading Focused

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  Presidential Series

    Who are they?

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  Elections & Voting

    Complete answer keys
    Engage students
    Vocabulary focused

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  State Maps

    50 States
    Full page
    Large visuals

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  Political Parties

    Democratic process
    Primaries & Caucuses

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  Social Studies Vocab.

    100 frequent words
    Standards based

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  50 States Series

    Reading Comprehension
    Documented State History
    For Every State

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  World Leaders Series

    Influential Leaders

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  American Revolution


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  Civil War (American)

    Document based
    5 volumes
    Standards based

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  Canadian Maps

    Documented History

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  Canadian Provinces

    Explore History
    Culture and People
    Wildlife and vegetation

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Complete List of Printable Social Studies Workbooks
  Each workbook averages 30 printable pages.    
Africa Series Explorers Theme
American Civil War Vol. 1 - 6 Famous Explorers Series
American President Series Flag Day Reading Comprehension
American Revolutionary and Civil Wars Influential Authors Series
Ancient Egypt Primaries and Caucuses
Ancient Rome Famous Explorers Series
Antarctica Flag Day
Black History Month Internet Summary Writing Industrial Revolution
Biographies of African Americans, Volume 1 & 2 Japan
Canada July Fourth Theme - Social Studies Integration
China- A deep look June Theme - Social Studies Integration
Civil Rights and Immigration Martin Luther King, Jr. Series
Colonial America Memorial Day
Community Helpers Theme Native Americans
Elections and Voting Series Native Americans Theme, Vol. 1 & 2
50 States of America Series North America
State Maps: All 50 States Proud To Be An American Theme
East North Central States The United States Constitution
East South Central States The United States Presidency
Middle Atlantic States Top 100 Social Studies Vocabulary Words
Mountain States Washington and Lincoln Theme
New England States Westward Expansion in the United States
Pacific States Flag Day Spelling
South Atlantic States What Are Political Parties?
West North Central States Atlantic Canada Lesson Set
West South Central States Central Canada States Lesson Set
World Leaders Series Northern Canada Lesson Set
Continents Geography Series Western Canada Lesson Set
World Regions Geography Series    
Countries of Continents Geography Series    
Western and Eastern Hemisphere    

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