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Click on the links below to view sample pages. A complete list of Puzzle worksheets is available below.

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•    Critical thinking skills
•    Fun Activities
•    Stimulate their brains

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•    Great focusing activity
•    Includes a themed riddle
•    Fun way to learn

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  Cloze Workbooks

•    Great Lang. Arts activity
•    Vocabulary focused.
•    Reading comprehension

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  Math Puzzles

•    Critical thinking skills
•    Review basic skills
•    Put it all together

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  Crossword Puzzles

•    Complete answer keys
•    Engage students
•    Vocabulary focused.

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  Word Search Puzzles

•    Creative approach
•    Basic approach available.
•    Vocabulary focused.

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Complete List of Printable Puzzle Workbooks

Each workbook averages 21 printable pages in length.

Blank Table Of Elements Logic Skills
Brain Teasers: Puzzle Series Math Labs
Cloze Paragraphs - April Theme, Vol. 1 Math Magic
Cloze Paragraphs - April Theme, Vol. 2 Math Puzzles
Cloze Paragraphs - Christmas Theme Name Three People That…
Cloze Paragraphs - Milk Theme Name Three Places That…
Cloze Paragraphs - Natural Disasters Theme, Vol. 1 Name Three Things That…
Cloze Paragraphs - Natural Disasters Theme, Vol. 2 Puzzle Series: Tsunami Theme
Cloze Paragraphs - Christmas Theme Secret Code
Cloze Paragraphs - Natural Disasters Theme Shape Puzzles
Dictionary Skills Visual Riddles
How Is Your Memory? What Do We Have In Common?
Illogical Brainteaser Set What Doesn’t Belong?

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