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Our grade specific materials are complete worksheets and lesson series. See the complete lists of skills covered below for this grade level. Answer keys included!

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Each skill is thoroughly covered in a 6-step lesson series:

Step 1 - Meet the Skill

Students are introduced to the skills through a basic walk through lesson.

See A Eighth Grade Example of Meet the Skill

Step 2 - Try the Skill

Students are walked through a problem with a basic lesson. Students are then asked to replicate the skill twice.

See A Eighth Grade Example of Try the Skill

Step 3 - Practice the Skill

Students work independently and develop their skills.

See A Eighth Grade Example of Practice the Skill

Step 4 - Practice the Skill Twice

Students work independently with problems that are varied slightly from the original skill.

See A Eighth Grade Example of Practice the Skill Twice

Step 5 - Show the Skill

Students are assessed with an 8 question quiz.

See A Eighth Grade Example of Show the Skill

Step 6 - Skill Warm Up (Do Now)

This is a 3 question worksheet that can be used to remind students of a skill. Many educators will refer to this as a "Do Now".

See A Eighth Grade Example of Practice the Skill Warm Up


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A Complete List Of All Eighth Grade Worksheet and Lesson Series.
Each Worksheet and Lesson series varies in size from 8 to 11 printable pages.

Our Eighth Grade math curriculum works on the following skills.

  1. 4 Step Order of Operations
  2. Add and Subtract Polynomials
  3. Advanced Percentage Problems
  4. Algebra Word Problems
  5. Angles Are These Ratios Proportional?
  6. Area of a Parallelogram
  7. Bisecting an Angle
  8. Box and Whisker Plots
  9. Calculate Probability as a Fraction
  10. Calculate Probability as a Percentage
  11. Calculate the Probability as a Decimal
  12. Calculating Interest
  13. Calculator Fun
  14. Combinations
  15. Complex Order of Operations
  16. Conditional Statements and Converses
  17. Congruent Lines and Angles
  18. Creating Equivalent Proportions
  19. Displaying Inequalities
  20. Dividing Polynomials
  21. Draw Lines, Line Segments and Rays
  22. Eighth Grade Word Problems
  23. Equivalent Proportions
  24. Evaluating Variable Expressions
  25. Explore Graphs of Linear Equations
  26. Exploring Similar Figures
  27. Exponent Laws
  28. Exponents to Numbers and Compare
  29. Exponents Factoring
  30. Expressions
  31. Factoring Trinomials
  32. Factoring: Distributive Property and Perfect Squares
  33. Find the Square Root
  34. Finding the Sides of Similar Triangles
  35. Functions
  36. Graphic Quadratic Functions : Parabolas
  37. Graphing Linear Equations
  38. Identify Similar Triangles with Proofs
  39. Interest Word Problems
  40. Intersecting Angles
  41. Missing Angle Transversals
  42. Missing Proportions
  43. Modeling with Linear Equations 1
  44. Moderate Eighth Grade Word Problems
  45. More on Graphing Linear Equations
  46. Multiplication Principle
  47. Multiply Binomials
  48. Multiply Polynomials 1
  49. Multiplying and Dividing Monomials
  50. Multi-Step Inequalities
  51. Numbers Based on Percentages
  52. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  53. Parallel, Intersecting, and Perpendicular Lines
  54. Percent (<1% or > 100%) of a Number
  55. Percent Increment and Decrement
  56. Percent of a Number
  57. Percent of Change
  58. Permutations
  59. Perpendicular Bisectors
  60. Polynomials
  61. Probability Word Problems
  62. Properties of Operations 1
  63. Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems
  64. Ratio and Proportion Word Problems
  65. Ratio Tables
  66. Ratio Word Problems
  67. Reading and Making Line Plots
  68. Relations
  69. Relations From Equations
  70. Rules with Addition
  71. Rules with Division
  72. Rules with Multiplication
  73. Rules with Subtraction
  74. Scale Factors
  75. Simple Interest
  76. Simple Ratio Word Problems
  77. Simple Transformations
  78. Simplify Expressions
  79. Slope Solving Inequalities 1 Add/Subtract
  80. Solving Inequalities 2 Multiply and Divide
  81. Solving Inequalities by Adding and Subtracting 2
  82. Solving Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing 2
  83. Solving Multi-Step Equations
  84. Solving Proportions
  85. Summary of Factoring
  86. The Distributive Property
  87. The Pythagorean Theorem
  88. The Slope-Intercept Form and Parallel Lines
  89. Transformations
  90. Transformations 2
  91. Transversal Lines
  92. Variables and Expressions
  93. Word Based Proportions
  94. Words into Symbols 1
  95. Words into Symbols 2
  96. Writing Equations
  97. Writing Linear Equations
  98. Writing Sentences as Equations
  99. X and Y Intercepts
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