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Our grade specific materials are complete worksheets and lesson series. See the complete lists of skills covered below for this grade level. Answer keys included!

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Each skill is thoroughly covered in a 6-step lesson series:

Step 1 - Meet the Skill

Students are introduced to the skills through a basic walk through lesson.

See A Seventh Grade Example of Meet the Skill

Step 2 - Try the Skill

Students are walked through a problem with a basic lesson. Students are then asked to replicate the skill twice.

See A Seventh Grade Example of Try the Skill

Step 3 - Practice the Skill

Students work independently and develop their skills.

See A Seventh Grade Example of Practice the Skill

Step 4 - Practice the Skill Twice

Students work independently with problems that are varied slightly from the original skill.

See A Seventh Grade Example of Practice the Skill Twice

Step 5 - Show the Skill

Students are assessed with an 8 question quiz.

See A Seventh Grade Example of Show the Skill

Step 6 - Skill Warm Up (Do Now)

This is a 3 question worksheet that can be used to remind students of a skill. Many educators will refer to this as a "Do Now".

See A Seventh Grade Example of Practice the Skill Warm Up


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A Complete List Of All Seventh Grade Worksheet and Lesson Series.
Each Worksheet and Lesson series varies in size from 8 to 11 printable pages.

Our Seventh Grade math curriculum works on the following skills.

  1. Absolute Value
  2. Add and Subtract Decimals
  3. Add and Subtract Fractions In Equations
  4. Addition and Subtraction Equations
  5. Addition and Subtraction Equations With Fractions
  6. Advanced Angle Relationships
  7. Advanced Word Problems
  8. Angle Relationships
  9. Area and Circumference Circles
  10. Area of a Circle
  11. Area of a Trapezoid
  12. Area of Irregular Shapes
  13. Area of Polygons
  14. Area of Similar Figures
  15. Area of Triangle and Parallelogram 1
  16. Area Units
  17. Basic Scientific Notation
  18. Bisect Line Segments and Angles
  19. Box and Whisker Plots
  20. Classify Triangles
  21. Combining Like Terms
  22. Combining Like Terms 2
  23. Construct Angles
  24. Construct Line Segments and Angles
  25. Convert Metric Length
  26. Decimal Word Problems
  27. Divide Decimals
  28. Divide Fractions
  29. Divide Integers
  30. Dividing a Sum or a Difference Fraction
  31. Divisibility and Factors
  32. Division Principle
  33. Draw Triangles
  34. Equation
  35. Situations Equations
  36. Equations With Decimals
  37. Equations with Two Variables
  38. Evaluating Formulas
  39. Expressions
  40. Find and Classify Angles
  41. Fraction Word Problems
  42. Fractions and Decimals
  43. Fractions and Decimals in Measurements
  44. Fractions, Percents, and Decimals
  45. GCF and Simplifying Fractions
  46. Independent and Dependent Events
  47. Inequalities
  48. Integers
  49. LCM and Comparing Fractions
  50. LCM and Equivalent Fractions
  51. Least Common Multiple
  52. Like Terms
  53. Mean, Median, and Mode 1
  54. Mixed Word Problems
  55. More Percentage Word Problems
  56. Multiplication and Division Equations
  57. Multiply and Divide Powers
  58. Multiply Decimals
  59. Multiply Fractions
  60. Multiply Integers
  61. Number Line Expression
  62. Number Properties
  63. Opposites and Absolute Value
  64. Order of Operations (2 steps)
  65. Order of Operations (3 steps)
  66. Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
  67. Percent of Change
  68. Percents and Decimals
  69. Perfect Squares and Square Roots
  70. Permutations and Combinations
  71. Plotting Lines Polygons
  72. Powers and Exponents
  73. Powers with a Negative Base
  74. Practical Multiplication and Division Equations
  75. Practicing with Percentages
  76. Prime Factorization
  77. Probability
  78. Problems With Ratios
  79. Properties of the Four Operations
  80. Proportion Problems
  81. Proportional Relationships and Slope
  82. Proportions to Determine Length
  83. Pythagorean Theorem
  84. Rational Numbers
  85. Reading Histograms
  86. Reciprocals and Inverses
  87. Reciprocals of Fractions and Whole Numbers
  88. Rewrite by Factoring
  89. Scatter plots
  90. Scientific Notation
  91. Scientific Notation And Powers Of Ten
  92. Similar Triangles
  93. Simple Interest
  94. Simplify Equations
  95. Slope Solving Equations
  96. Solving Inequalities
  97. Solving Linear Equations
  98. Square Roots
  99. Square Roots in Equations
  100. Squares and Square Roots
  101. Stem-and-Leaf Plots
  102. Surface Area
  103. Surface Area and Volume of Solids and Cylinders
  104. Systems of Two Equations
  105. The Distributive Property
  106. Two Step Inequalities
  107. Two-step Equations
  108. Understanding Percent
  109. Unit Rates
  110. Using Coordinate Grids To Determine Shapes
  111. Using Divisibility
  112. Using Percent Proportion
  113. Using the Distributive Property
  114. Using the Pythagorean Theorem
  115. Variable Expressions
  116. Variables on Both Sides
  117. Visual Expressions
  118. Volume of Cylinders and Prisms
  119. Volume Units
  120. Volumes of Cones and Pyramids
  121. Writing Expressions and Equations
  122. x and y Intercepts
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