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Our grade specific materials are complete worksheets and lesson series. See the complete lists of skills covered below for this grade level. Answer keys included!

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Each skill is thoroughly covered in a 6-step lesson series:

Step 1 - Meet the Skill

Students are introduced to the skills through a basic walk through lesson.

See A Fourth Grade Example of Meet the Skill

Step 2 - Try the Skill

Students are walked through a problem with a basic lesson. Students are then asked to replicate the skill twice.

See A Fourth Grade Example of Try the Skill

Step 3 - Practice the Skill

Students work independently and develop their skills.

See A Fourth Grade Example of Practice the Skill

Step 4 - Practice the Skill Twice

Students work independently with problems that are varied slightly from the original skill.

See A Fourth Grade Example of Practice the Skill Twice

Step 5 - Show the Skill

Students are assessed with an 8 question quiz.

See A Fourth Grade Example of Show the Skill

Step 6 - Skill Warm Up (Do Now)

This is a 3 question worksheet that can be used to remind students of a skill. Many educators will refer to this as a "Do Now".

See A Fourth Grade Example of Practice the Skill Warm Up


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A Complete List Of All Fourth Grade Worksheet and Lesson Series.
Each Worksheet and Lesson series varies in size from 8 to 11 printable pages.

Our Fourth Grade math curriculum works on the following skills.

  1. 2 to 3 Digit Multiplication
  2. 4 to 5 Digits Long Division With Remainders
  3. 5 Digit Long Division With Remainders
  4. Adding Big Numbers
  5. Adding Decimals (Thousandths)
  6. Adding Like Fractions
  7. Advanced Part Word Problems
  8. Area of Rectangles
  9. Area Versus Perimeter
  10. Balance Scale Problems
  11. Bar Graphs and Frequency Tables
  12. Bar Models For Outlining Word Problems
  13. Breaking Number Into Place Values
  14. Classify and Measure Triangles
  15. Classifying Triangles
  16. Compare Pictographs C
  17. ompare Ten-Thousandths To Ten
  18. Comparing with Thousands
  19. Converting Pounds and Ounces
  20. Converting Units of Measure
  21. Coordinate Graphs
  22. Decimal Division (Hundredths)
  23. Decimal Multiplication (Hundredths)
  24. Decimal Subtraction (Hundredths)
  25. Divisibility Tables
  26. Division As Repeated Subtraction
  27. Division Puzzles
  28. Division With No Remainders
  29. Division Word Problems
  30. Double Digit Long Division With Remainders
  31. Double Digit Multiplication
  32. Drawing Coordinates
  33. Drawing Exact Rectangles and Squares
  34. Drawing Ordered Pairs
  35. Error of Estimation
  36. Estimate Angles
  37. Estimating Products
  38. Estimation of Operations Versus Exact
  39. Expanded Form
  40. Finding an Average In Word Problems
  41. Forming Polygons
  42. Fractional Word Problems
  43. Interpreting Circle Graphs
  44. Introduction To Line Graphs
  45. Introduction To Order of Operations
  46. Locate Ordered Pairs
  47. Long Division More Steps
  48. Long Division With 4-Digit Numbers No Remainders
  49. Measuring and Classifying Angles
  50. Measuring Length
  51. Metric Volume Units
  52. Missing Digit Multiplication
  53. Mixed Division
  54. Mixed Multiplication
  55. Mixed Multiplication 2
  56. Mixed Word Problems
  57. Money Conversion
  58. Multiplication Puzzles
  59. Multiplication Tables
  60. Multiply in Parts
  61. Multiply in Two Parts
  62. Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers
  63. Multiplying Decimals in Columns
  64. Number Line Addition
  65. One Whole and Its Fractional Parts
  66. Order Decimals and Fractions
  67. Parallelograms
  68. Patterns With Shapes
  69. Place Value 0.1 to 0.0001
  70. Place Value 1s To 10000s
  71. Quadruple Digit Long Division With Remainders
  72. Quick Multiplication
  73. Radius of Circles
  74. Reading Coordinates
  75. Reading Graph Coordinates
  76. Reverse Multiplication Tables
  77. Reviewing Money Skills
  78. Rounding to 100s Place
  79. Rounding To The 10s Place
  80. Simple Division (With Remainders)
  81. Simple Missing Digit Division
  82. Simple Order of Operations
  83. Single Digit Long Division
  84. Standard Form and Expanded Notation
  85. Standard Horizontal Multiplication
  86. Standard Way Multiplication
  87. Subtraction Terms
  88. The Concept of Multiplication
  89. The Thousands Place and Commas
  90. Three Digit Multiplication
  91. Time and Money Word Problems
  92. Triple Digit Long Division With Remainders
  93. Triple Digit Multiplication
  94. Units of Volume
  95. Volume of a Box
  96. Weight in Metric Units
  97. Whole Thousands
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