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Our grade specific materials are complete worksheets and lesson series. See the complete lists of skills covered below for this grade level. Answer keys included!

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Each skill is thoroughly covered in a 6-step lesson series:

Step 1 - Meet the Skill

Students are introduced to the skills through a basic walk through lesson.

See A First Grade Example of Meet the Skill

Step 2 - Try the Skill

Students are walked through a problem with a basic lesson. Students are then asked to replicate the skill twice.

See A First Grade Example of Try the Skill

Step 3 - Practice the Skill

Students work independently and develop their skills.

See A First Grade Example of Practice the Skill

Step 4 - Practice the Skill Twice

Students work independently with problems that are varied slightly from the original skill.

See A First Grade Example of Practice the Skill Twice

Step 5 - Show the Skill

Students are assessed with an 8 question quiz.

See A First Grade Example of Show the Skill

Step 6 - Skill Warm Up (Do Now)

This is a 3 question worksheet that can be used to remind students of a skill. Many educators will refer to this as a "Do Now".

See A First Grade Example of Practice the Skill Warm Up


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A Complete List Of All First Grade Worksheet and Lesson Series.
Each Worksheet and Lesson series varies in size from 8 to 11 printable pages.

Our First Grade math curriculum works on the following skills.

  1. 1 to 100 Chart
  2. 4 and 5 Fact Families
  3. A.M. or P.M. ?
  4. Adding Single Digits to Double Digits
  5. Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
  6. Addition of Single Digits
  7. Basic Numbers Line Subtraction
  8. Basic Shape Patterns
  9. Basic Shape Patterns 2
  10. Before, Between, After
  11. Colorful Symmetry
  12. Colors and Numbers
  13. Comparing Expressions
  14. Complete the Sequence
  15. Congruent and Similar
  16. Counting by 2s , 4s, 5s , 10s (Different Starting Points)
  17. Counting by 2s, 4s, 5s, and 10s from 0
  18. Counting Ones and Tens
  19. Counting Pennies and Dimes
  20. Counting Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes
  21. Counting Sets of Number 2 to 5
  22. Counting With Missing Number
  23. Estimate Sums and Differences Visually
  24. Estimate The Number Of Objects
  25. Estimating Length
  26. Even and Odd numbers
  27. Fact Families Fact
  28. Families With 6
  29. Fact Families With 7
  30. Fact Families With 8
  31. Fact Families With 9
  32. Following Math Directions
  33. Greater than Less Than With A Numbers Line
  34. Grouping Numbers
  35. How Many More?
  36. Identify and Compare Shapes
  37. Introducing Bar Graphs
  38. Introduction to Basic Sorting and Classification
  39. Larger Numbers
  40. Learning Shapes
  41. Length in Centimeters
  42. Lines of Symmetry
  43. Mastering Ordinal Numbers
  44. Math Symbols
  45. Measurement Tools
  46. More or Less
  47. Multiplication and Division Clouds
  48. Names of Shapes Naming Numbers
  49. Number Sentences
  50. Number Sequences
  51. Numbers Line Addition
  52. Numbers Line Subtraction
  53. One Digit From Two Digit Subtraction
  54. Ones and Tens Places
  55. Paying With Pennies, Dimes, and Nickels
  56. Position Within A Group
  57. Quick Addition and Subtraction Mastery
  58. Reading Pictographs
  59. Shorter or Longer?
  60. Simple Comparisons: Less than or Greater than
  61. Simple Picture Addition
  62. Single Digit Subtraction
  63. Starting To Measure
  64. Subtract 10s and 1s
  65. Subtract Numbers 0 to 9
  66. Subtract Visually
  67. Subtraction Word Problems
  68. Tall and Short
  69. Teens - Tens and Ones
  70. Tens and Ones Break Apart
  71. Three Dimensional Shapes
  72. Time Hour Hands
  73. Time of Day
  74. Vertices and Sides
  75. Visual Adding and Subtracting
  76. Visual Addition
  77. Visual Length
  78. Which is More?
  79. Writing Values in Number Words
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