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Title: Ultimate Martin Luther King Jr. Series Sample          

Number Of Printable Pages: 60

Description: This lesson set explores the challenges, achievements, and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Includes reading passages, graphic organizers, multiple choice and free response questions. Our series engages students on the following topics and questions:
1. Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.?
2. What are civil rights and why are they important?
3. Campaigns for peace led by Martin Luther King Jr.
4. What is Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
5. What was the I Have A Dream... speech all about?
6. What sort of discrimination did he fight against?
7. Why was Martin Luther King, Jr. awarded the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize?
8. How has Martin Luther King Jr. influenced life today?
9. Why is Martin Luther King Jr. considered a great leader?
10. What were the major conflicts and compromises made by Martin Luther King Jr.?