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Title: The Ultimate December Holidays Around the World Sample          

Number Of Printable Pages: 49

Description: This wonderful series of lessons and reading comprehension worksheets helps students understand the ins and outs of the December Holiday season across the world. We answer all the questions kids have about other countries and cultures. A great multicultural holiday work for students and teachers to enjoy. Each reading includes an extended reading passage, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and a complete answer key. The series cover a wide range of topics including:

  1. Why is there Christmas & who celebrates it?
  2. What Symbols Represent Christmas and Why?
  3. Why is there Hanukkah & who celebrates it?
  4. What Symbols Represent Hanukkah & Why
  5. What is Kwanza & who celebrates it?
  6. Why is there Diwali & who celebrates it?
  7. What is Rohatsu & Who celebrates it?
  8. What is Ramadan & Who celebrates it?
  9. What is Boxing Day and who celebrates it?
  10. What is the Winter Solstice & who celebrates it?