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Short music loops and sounds are hard to find. Our original sound effects and music loops will add another dimension to your computer use.

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Complete List of Music Loops / Sounds Effects
80s Beat   Chimp   Frog   Piano
Alarm Clock   Christmas Bells   Gallop   Pig
Alligator   Click, Click   Golf Swing   Race Car
Arcade   Clock Tick   Gong   Rain
Arrow   Cluck, Cluck   Helicopter   Rooster
Backwoods Beat   Coyote   Hip Hop   Run Away
Bass Drums   Cow Moo   Hippo   Scattered Softly
Bat sonar   Cowbell   Horse   Seal
Bees   Cricket   Horse 2   Slow Guitar
Bees Buzzing   Crush Slide   Inflate   Sneeze
Big Beat   Dog Barking   Inline Rhyme   Snoring
Big Ben Bells   Dolphin   Laser   Splash
Big Ben 2   Donkey   Lear Jet   Spring
Big Frog   Doorbell   Lion   Strummers Double
Bionic Run   Drip   Morse code   Sync Drum
Boink   Drum Stand   Mosquito   Tiger
Bubbles   Drums   Mystery   Turkey
Bubbles 2   Elephant   O.K.   Whale
Building Beat   European Siren   Ocean   Whistle
Bullfrog   Falling   Orca whale   Wildcat
Can   Female Voice "100"   Otter   Windy
Cash Register   Flowing Brook   Ouch   Windy 2
Cat   Fly   Owl   Wolf
Charge   Fly By   Parrot   Yech!
Child Laughs   Foggy   Phone Ring   Zig Zag

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