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Our Standards-based lesson plans are designed for busy teachers. We feature a wide variety of K-12 lessons.

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Complete List of Teacher Lesson Plans
101 Awesome Math Lesson Plan Ideas Series K-12 Reading Lesson Guide
101 Lessons When You Have 5 Minutes Series K-12 Writing Lesson Guide
Kindergarten Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2 Grade 7 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2
Grade 1 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2 Grade 8 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2
Grade 2 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2 K-12 Art Lessons Packs
Grade 3 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2 K-12 Health Lessons Packs
Grade 4 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2 K-12 History Lessons Packs
Grade 5 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2 K-12 Social Studies Lessons Packs
Grade 6 Emergency Lessons Set 1 and 2 Words and actions
A Happy Time Introduction to Problem Solving
About Myself Investigation of the Periodic Table
Adding integers ranging from -10 through +10 Layers of the Rainforest
Aerobic fitness training Leaf Patterns
Air travel Main Ideas and Details
Alphabet Letters Lesson Plan Make Your Own Invention
Ancient Egypt Making and Understanding Patterns
Animals that Hibernate Making Gak
Arbor Day Making Maps
Attaining skills through the use of Literature Mammals
Author of the Week Measurement
Bean Bag Challenge Nocturnal Animals
Butterfly or Moth Owls in the Family
Cause and Effect Paragraph Reconstruction
Character and Citizenship Education Parts of Speech
Characteristics of living things. Persuasive writing in informal letters
Chemistry: The Science of Matter Phonemic Awareness through Music
Classroom Environment Pitch
Cold vs. Warm Environments Plant and Animal Cells
Community Building Plant Growth
Community Helpers Population growth in Europe in the 1600s
Composers of the Romantic Period Prehistory: Cave Painting
Concept Mapping a Web Site Design Problem Solving Techniques
Considering the Theme of Progress Pronunciation rules of Spanish
Consonants Rainbow Friends
Creating a Formal Outline Rainforest 3-D Art Lesson Plan
Creating Effective Interviews Reading on the Internet
Current Events Realistic Fiction/Literary Elements
Data Collection and Management Reflect or Absorb Light
Descriptive Writing Respect and Cooperation
Designing a Flag Review The Big 6 Lesson Plan
Different Genres of Books Same and Different
Dissection of Owl Pellets School Newspaper
Earthsavers Club Scientific Method
Easter Egg Hunt Scientific Method Daily Lesson Plan
Elements of a Story Seasons Review
Estimation Shopping with Double Digit Subtraction
Exploring Countries Lesson Plan Social Studies lesson on the American Revolution
Expository Writing Lesson Plan Solar System
Expressing Literary Ideas with Technology Spiders and Insects
Fact or Fiction Story Order
Figuring out double meaning phrases and situations Students become familiar with the school.
Following Directions Stress Management
Fun with Adjectives Summarizing Techniques- Pronouns Revision Prefixes
Geography of Spain The Barking Mouse
Genetic Disorders and Genetic Testing The Five Senses
Graphing Temperatures The Letter P
Hole Punch Names Three-dimensional Objects
How poets use the seasons' Using more than one step to solve a problem.
Identifying the upper and lower case letter C. Word Problems
Introducing Venn Diagrams with Dr. Seuss Word Processing
Introduction of Oceans and Sea Life    

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