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Title: Grade 8 Emergency Lesson Plans Set 2 Sample

Printable Pages: 31

Description: As teachers, life sometimes gets in the way and throws us for a loop. Many times in your career there will be time that you can't possibly plan for. You might need to take a day off! We'll don't panic, we have you fully covered.

This Lesson Set consists of standards based activities for Grade 8 students, including:

1. Spelling Lesson 2. Create an Advertisement Step 1 3. Explain the Ad 4. Exponents 5. Grammar and Punctuation 6. Passing a Note Logic 7. Logic Matrix 8. Math Puzzle 9. Secret Message Puzzle 10. Number Block! 11. The United States and the Caribbean Reading 12. Graphing Equations 13. Acrostic Poetry 14. Volume- Turn down That Racket 15. Cryptic Puzzle 16. Fallen Motivational Quote 17. Word Tiles 18. Message of Peace 19. Answer Keys