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Title: Grade 6 Emergency Lesson Plans Set 1 Sample

Printable Pages: 26

Description: As teachers, life sometimes gets in the way and throws us for a loop. Many times in your career there will be time that you can't possibly plan for. You might need to take a day off! We'll don't panic, we have you fully covered.

This Lesson Set consists of standards based activities for Grade 6 students, including:

1. Sports Quotes 2. Word Activities 3. Place Value Math 4. Word Search 5. Solve the Puzzle 6. 5 x 5 Math Square 7. Rounding 8. Averages 9. Reading Comprehension: Pulitzer Prize 10. Words from the Pulitzer Prize 11. Maze 12. Cryptic Messages! 13. Volume of a Shape 14. Acrostic Poem 15. School, Home, Me