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TEACH-NOLOGY - The Art and Science of Teaching with Technology® represents a vision that embraces the future of teaching in a world driven by technology. Our goal is to actualize this vision by offering a range of services that are designed to assist and support educational agencies in their attempt to develop the knowledge, competencies, or skills that teachers need to effectively incorporate technology in teaching. It is our mission to assist educators in their quest to meet the challenges of the Twenty-First Century Learners: The Net-Generation. Teachnology, Inc. was created as a response to the multitude of challenges faced by today's educators as they strive to meet the changing demands of teaching and learning. The company was founded to provide opportunities for members of the educational community to easily access information relative to their field and to have the ability to interact with the world of technology in their quest to enhance their profession. Among the many services that Teachnology, Inc. provides are:

  1. a free web portal to a multitude of resources designed specifically for educators that includes content rich material aimed at enhancing the knowledge and use of technology as it relates to teaching;
  2. professional development consultations that are designed to offer K-12 schools the support mechanisms needed to successfully plan and implement programs focused on integrating technology in teaching;
  3. products that are designed to provide teachers with the tools for creating instruction that meets the needs of today's learners;
  4. original publications created by experienced educators for other educators; and
  5. a series of reasonably priced memberships that are designed to assist teachers. The Web Portal for Educators offers a wide variety of resources intended to bring educators into the world of teaching with technology. As a portal, it provides links to valuable and useful information relative to current and best practices in the field of education. As a vehicle for professional development of teachers, offers tutorials that are process oriented and that are designed to minimize frustration levels associated with technology use. To remain current, monthly motivators are designed as multimedia-driven productions and provide teachers with reflective themes in educational practice. attempts to connect teaching and technology by utilizing strategies that enhance both the teaching and learning process by offering both novice and experienced educators the opportunity to overcome fears associated with technology.

A team of highly professional educators representing a cadre of PreK-12 grade teachers, professors of higher education, leading educational consultants, small business constituencies, and experienced web designers, maintains

There is no cost associated with using as a portal of information or as a means of professional development. We are able to offer this site as a free service due to our advertising campaign and sponsorship. Visiting sponsorship sites provides support and this enables us to continue to offer and maintain the quality of service to which we are committed.

Consulting Division

Teachnology, Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services. Professional development programs are tailored to specific, identifiable needs and are provided by educational experts in the field of technology and education. As a specialized service for educators, Teachnology, Inc. is committed to offering high quality resources that will enable today's educator to be on the cutting edge of the educational profession. Fees for consulting services vary according to services rendered. To obtain more information, please contact:

Teachnology, Incorporated
87 Grandview Drive
Bloomingburg, New York 12721

Membership Division

We offer four distinct, reasonably priced memberships designed for teachers:,, Our Supreme membership combines all of the three and offers a significant discount. Each membership offers unique features that make it easy for teachers to access teaching resources beyond what is available from our free services. Memberships are offered to individuals or schools/districts on an annual basis and are renewable.

For more information and a tour of all memberships, click on

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